Design, Leadership & Product Strategy


Originally from Italy, I started my career in San Franciscoafter graduating from Hyper Island. Since then, my journey into design has evolved across the following phases:

  1. I spent my formative years designing for digital agencies (AKQA, R/GA, Odopod, Fantasy), where I focused on craft and execution for a large number of verticals.
  2. I moved to the client side to lead design at Tubi (acquired by Fox in 2020), where I built and shipped an entire product and brand ecosystem iteratively.
  3. In 2017 I joined Microsoft to bring new thought leadership to Fluent, and most recently I have lead the Windows Design Systems team throughout the release of Windows 11 (shipped October 2021), focusing on strategy and partnerships across disciplines and organizations.
  4. Most recently, I am the leader of the design organization at Tubi, where I oversee product and research teams.

Today I work as a design executive, advisor and operator with expertise in brand, product and design systems. I am an advocate for agile and distributed work practices, the open web, and free access to information.


  • Product Design
  • Branding
  • Design Systems
  • Developer Experience
  • Front-end Development
  • Design Ops

I am technically minded and I maintain a generalist design practice as a way to impact all aspects of the customer lifecycle (with particular attention to brand, product, systems, code).
I am intentionally curious, and spend great part of my free time rounding out my skillset through research, experimentation and practice.


I believe in building products incrementally and in leading teams towards professional and business goals through situational and supportive leadership. These are some of the core tenets to my design method.

  • Be conceptually coherent
  • Lead with a strong foundation and defaults
  • Optimize for high composability
  • Make it memorable
  • Establish the vision by working in the open
  • Align organizations by identifying shared incentives
  • Motivate teams to deliver excellence
  • Meet individuals where they are
  • Build trust
  • Direct, coach, empower and delegate as appropriate
  • Drive personal and business growth
  • Know your customer and build for them
  • Prioritize ruthlessly
  • Ship incrementally and often
  • Measure and learn