Simone Magurno
Product & systems design
Seattle, WA.

Passionate about product design, branding and design systems.
I create semantically coherent experiences that span marketing, branding and product.
I believe in design that is meticulous, logical, honest and memorable.


  • Efficiency-oriented design processes with focus on design systems, tooling and functional prototyping.
  • Horizontal design strategy, product planning and envisioning for Microsoft 365.


  • Building Microsoft's next design system alongside the Fluent Design team, with focus on modern design workflows, tooling and technical writing
  • Technical direction and design for Microsoft’s first component-based Windows Desktop UWP Toolkit for Figma & Sketch.
  • Modernizing design workflows


  • Designed & launched
  • Designed Tubi’s Brand Book, Elegante
  • Rebranded Tubi TV to Tubi, Inc.
  • Designed & launched Tubi for iOS
  • Designed & launched Tubi for tvOS
  • Designed & launched Tubi for Android
  • Designed & launched Tubi for Roku
  • Designed & launched Tubi for Amazon Fire TV
  • Designed & launched Tubi’s HTML5 OTT platform for Amazon Fire, Samsung Smart TV & more.
  • Designed & launched Tubi’s responsive web app
  • Formalized on-boarding practices and cross-department workflows for designers.
  • Designed a framework and visual language for Tubi's app ecosystem
  • Just press play


  • Judge for CSS Design Awards


    Impossible Bureau
  • Designed conceptual UWP applications for Microsoft Build
  • Designed & launched
  • Designed branding proposals for Syptec
  • Formalized on-boarding practices and designed the employee handbook for Impossible Bureau.


  • Created feature designs for Xbox One
  • Designed platform proposals for Sunpower
  • Designed platform proposals for Google Partners
  • Designed Android homescreen for Samsung
  • Designed platform proposal for USA Today
  • Designed and launched Celebrate Human Rights, a promotional site for the UN
  • Designed game UI proposal for Zynga Poker
  • Designed platform proposal for
  • Designed platform proposal for
  • Designed product design proposal for Disney Parks iOS app
  • Designed and launched an internal sales tool for Verizon


  • Created the design language for Xbox One
  • Xbox Design Language
  • Designed & launched
  • Rebranded
  • Branded the Game Developers Conference 2015
  • Designed, managed and launched Harvard X
  • Designed e-commerce proposals for Balenciaga
  • Designed e-commerce proposals for Baha Mar
  • Managed design for City Bank
  • Designed product design proposals for Ezetop
  • Designed platform proposals for Fosroc
  • Designed product design proposals for Kolhs
  • Designed product design proposals for Prime Lending
  • Designed product design proposals for Salesforce


  • Designed product design proposals for Roundpoint
  • Rebranded Roundpoint
  • Designed, managed and launched Sony Connected World
  • Managed and launched Google Maps Coordinate site
  • Designed portal proposals for
  • Designed product design proposals for Google+
  • Design for Google Research Hub


  • Designed and launched Google Green Zeitgeist
  • Designed, managed and launched Google Project Rebrief
  • Designed and launched Google Ads Case Studies
  • Designed platform proposals for Audemars Piguet
  • Designed product design proposals for Apple
  • Designed product design proposals for Google
  • Designed campaign proposals for Sony
  • The KDU, Solstice x 2011, New York: The Keystone Design Union, February 2011


  • Lecture on Design Process for Hyper Island's Master Class
  • Designed NikeID Portable Module
  • Designed multiple Nike Digital Storefronts
  • Designed Product Detail Pages
  • Photography art direction for Niketown
  • Designed in-store display art for Niketown in Tokyo, JP
  • Art direction and design for Cole Haan
  • Designed platform proposals for Oblong
  • Various Authors, Graphic Design Inspirations, Cologne: Daab Media GMBH, December 2010.
  • Future Publishing, “Create a Stunning Portfolio“, Computer Arts Projects #136, April 2010, p. 33.
  • Various Authors, Über Games, Biberach an der Riss: Über Books, January 2010.
  • Various Authors, Designer’s Playground, Biberach an der Riss: Über Books, January 2010.


  • Designed campaign proposals for Lexus
  • Designed platform proposals for Taco Bell
  • Designed marketing proposals for Johnny Walkers
  • Designed digital campaigns for Target
  • Designed campaigns for Nike Training
  • Designed campaigns for Nike Basketball
  • Designed campaigns for Nike Running
  • Designed campaigns for Nike Sportswear
  • Designed campaigns for WNike
  • Designed campaigns for Nike Soccer
  • Future Publishing, “Promote Yourself”, Computer Arts Magazine #169, December 2009, pp. 36—42.
  • Craig Grannell, “Illustration Process“, Digital Arts magazine October Issue, p. 34.
  • Participant at Cut&Paste 2009 in San Francisco, CA. February 2009.


  • Contributed to the design and launch of
  • Communication design for GAP
  • Product design explorations for Microsoft handheld devices
  • Product design explorations for Microsoft desktop software

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