Last updated April, 2020

Privacy policy


I am committed to respecting your privacy by not distributing, selling or using any of your personal information outside of the means explicitly mentioned on this site.

Collecting your information

This site collects the following information:

  • User analytics, via Google Analitycs (Google's policy is available here)
  • User email, via user opt-in
  • User theme preference, via user opti-in
  • This site does not collect cookies

Storing of your information

Your information is stored in the following ways:

  • User analytics data is stored by Google.
  • Your email is stored as plain text on a mySql database, stored on a shared server.
  • The user theme is stored using your browser's localStorage, you can read more about the web storage API here.
  • Your information is not transmitted using encryption.

Access to your information

Simply put, your personal information belongs to you.