Privacy policy

About privacy

I believe in keeping the internet lean, honest and open. For that reason I am collecting the minimum amount of information needed to operate this website.

In collecting this data, I am committed to respecting your privacy by not distributing, selling or otherwise using any of your personal information beyond of the means explicitly mentioned on this site.

Collecting your information

This site collects the following information:

  • User analytics, via Google Analitycs (Google's policy is available here) - It allows me to get track metrics on this site, including user's location, language, device type, browser, OS and more.
  • User email, via user opt-in - It allows me to collect your email and enables you to receive my newsletter.
  • User theme preference, via user opt-in - It allows the site to remember users' theming preferences across sessions, and to deliver a better experience to users.
  • Contrary to many, this website does not collect any cookies 🍪.

Storing your information

Your information is stored in the following ways:

  • User analytics data is stored by Google.
  • Your email is collected and stored by ConvertKit 📪. - ConvertKit is a free service for forms creation.
  • The user theme is stored locally on your client, using the browser's localStorage. You can read more about the web storage API here.

Access to your information

Simply put, your personal information belongs to you.